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About LimoSurvey.com

LimoSurvey.com is the answer for livery companies who want to find out exactly what their customers are thinking about them, the service they provide, and how they compare to customer satisfaction throughout the industry.

Why Survey Your Customers?

According to national studies, for every irritated customer who complains, there are 26 who will not - even though they have grievances and are not happy with their buying experience.  Simply translated, if a company receives 10 customer complaints, there are potentially 260 customers who have complaints but didn't voice them... at least not to the company.  In reality, you may never know exactly how many dissatisfied customers you have because as a general rule "dissatisfied customers do not complain" - THEY JUST LEAVE !

How dissatisfied can customers be if they don't complain?  The answer: Extremely

These customers are least likely to buy from your company again and they are most likely to tell someone else about their negative experience with your company. 

On average, a customer who has had an unpleasant experience with a business will tell 9 or 10 other people about that experience, and about 13% of them will tell more than 20 other people.  While everyone knows that Word-of-Mouth is the most powerful form of advertising a company can have, this negative Word-of-Mouth has the ability to ruin an entire company.

Any customers who are lost through a negative experience will need to be replaced, and the cost to replace a customer is uaually as much as FIVE TIMES the cost to keep an existing one.

Why LimoSurvey.com

LimoSurvey.com is a targeted customer feedback mechanism for the limousine and ground transportation industry, giving both satisfied and dissatisfied customers the opportunity to provide invaluable feedback that can help drive your business and shape future customer service initiaitves.

LimoSurvey.com provides you with an industry-proven customer survey form that is easy to use, easy to manage, and--above all--easy to collect the important data you need to quickly identify what's working and what's not in your business.  By simply adding a special link on your website, customer emails and/or receipts your clients will be taken to a non-threatening , unbiased location (LimoSurvey.com), and be allowed the opportunity to answer the questions that you are dying to ask them.

Placing a survey form on your own company website is no different than calling you directly, and that is the confrontation your dissatisfied customers are looking to avoid.  Writing a letter or email takes time, must be carefully formulated to get a point across, and will ultimately lead to a telephone conversation - which is what they want to avoid!  The programming of a survey on your website can easily cost over $1,000, and will need to be re-programed each time you want to modify and question or add information.  The format used, and the name LimoSurvey.com is a generic and non-confrontational method of polling the likes and dislikes of your customers.

Of course one of the best features of LimoSurvey.com is that you can see how your company compares with your specific industry - this isn't possible with any other survey.  For one low annual cost, LimoSurvey.com will provide you with an easy method of managing how your company needs to react to the service experienced by your customers.

Remember, you are only as good as the service experienced by your last customer.  Contact us today!


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