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We value your opinion and are constantly striving to deliver the best service possible. Your experiences with our company, both negative and positive will only help us ensure that we continue to deliver top quality service and strengthen the relationships we have with you our client.


Were you the passenger on this reservation? *  
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Please Rate Your Experience with our Customer Service, Dispatch, and Reservations Department

Was your call answered promptly? *  
How helpful and knowledgeable was the staff in making your reservation? *  
What was the level of courtesy and professionalism of the staff answering the phone? *  

Please Rate Your Experience with our Chauffeur

Was the Chauffeur on time for your pickup? *  
Was the Chauffeur's appearance neat and professional? *  
Did the Chauffeur open the door for you? *  
Did the Chauffeur assist you with your luggage? *  
Was the Chauffeur prepared and familiar with the itinerary? *  
Was the amount of talking by the Chauffeur appropriate? *  
Did the Chauffeur drive you in a safe, comfortable manner? *  
What was the level of courtesy and professionalism of the Chauffeur providing services? *  

Please Rate Your Experience with our Vehicle

Was the vehicle clean inside and out? *  
What was your overall level of satisfaction pertaining to the vehicle? *  

Please Rate Your Overall Experience

How would you rate your overall experience? *  
What factors are most important to you when choosing a limousine service?
(Please select the top 4 reasons in order of importance) *  
2629 Company Reputation
2630 Previous Experience
2631 Features / Choice of Vehicles
2632 Friendliness of Staff
2633 Quality of Service
2634 Professionalism of Chauffeur
2635 Price
2636 Recommendations
2637 Advertising / Marketing Ads
How could the company have improved the level of service that you received?
We encourage you to send us additional comments about your experience to help us to serve you better.
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