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LimoSurvey.com allows you to customize your own questions to tailor the types of responses that your company feels is important information about you customers' experience. You decide what questions to ask, and how you want the customer to input their answer. Client responses can be entered as a Drop-Down Choice, Rating from "Below Expectations, Met Expectations, and Above Expectations", a numerical rating from 1-4, or a "Free-Form" field whereby the user can be free to enter additional comments.

The "Drop-Down Choice" Response

The Below Expectations, Met Expectations, and Above Expectations" Rating

Please Rate Your Experience with our Customer Service, Dispatch, and Reservations Department

Was your call answered promptly?

How helpful and knowledgeable was the staff in making your reservation?

What was the level of courtesy and professionalism of the staff answering the phone?

The Numerical "1 - 4" Rating

What factors are most important to you when choosing a limousine service?
(Please select the top 4 reasons in order of importance) *  
368 Company Reputation
369 Previous Experience
370 Features / Choice of Vehicles
371 Friendliness of Staff
372 Quality of Service
373 Professionalism of Chauffeur
374 Price
375 Recommendations
376 Advertising / Marketing Ads

The "Free-Form" Text Response

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